Las Grietas (The Cracks), Santa Cruz

The Cracks of Love, are part of a volcanic fracture that extends from Punta Estrada to the western end of Bahía Academia and extends for several kilometers inland

Las Grietas in Santa Cruz – Galapagos

They mix seawater and rainwater, creating a healthy ecosystem that forms swimming pools.
Fish larvae, such as parrotfish, manage to develop in these cracks and become trapped until adulthood.

Its lakes of crystal clear water and the sun bathing the islands create a landscape that seems to be taken out from fantasy books.

These are natural pools surrounded by the biological spectacle to which we are accustomed "The Enchanted Islands".

Let yourself fall in love with Galapagos and visit our country

Las Grietas, Santa Cruz How to get there?

  • The entrance is by sea, you must take a water taxi from where you leave from the municipal pier of Santa Cruz Island to a private hotel pier, which costs $ 0.50 per person. Then you walk for approximately 15 minutes, along a road that goes through saltwater lagoons, beach and residential area until you reach the ravine of the greater rift. And, although to enjoy this place you do not need a naturalist guide, it is recommended to look for one to fully know the characteristics of the site.
  • The lagoons that are on the road are salt water and the preferred area to see migratory and coastal birds, such as real terros, zarapitos, patillos, seagulls of lava and turns stones.
  • On the road that leads to the natural spa, giant cacti are observed that have evolved in this way in search of light and not to be covered by dense shrubby vegetation or to protect themselves from land iguanas and giant turtles that previously inhabited the place and fed on cacti.

Las Grietas, Santa Cruz Location

  • Located 3 km from Puerto Ayora, Bahía Academia West

Las Grietas, Santa Cruz

  • It has 2 seasons: the dry and drizzle season from June to December with temperatures that vary between 18 and 20 ºC and the hot and rainy season from January to May with temperatures that vary between 24 and 29 ºC.

Las Grietas, Santa Cruz Flora

  • Mangrove, asparagus nursery (Mollugo verticillata), lava cactus, giant ferns, scalesia jungle, avocado forest, veryuyo, cow's rib, mangrove buttonhole, giant bamboo, beach bell, opuntia cactus. The flora in this place is very diverse.

Las Grietas, Santa Cruz Fauna

  • Here you can enjoy the spectacle of marine iguanas.
  • You can also see sea turtles, flycatchers, Galapagos hawks, short-eared owls, woodpeckers, petrels, pelicans, among other species.

Las Grietas, Santa Cruz attractions

  • Bay Trail: Offers an excellent panoramic view of Bahía Academia in Puerto Ayora. Between opuntias and finches you will also discover different points of the Crack continuing until you meet the sea.

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