Hotel Solymar Galápagos

A dream place in the Galapagos islands

What you should know

  • HOTEL SOLYMAR GALÁPAGOS is located on Av. Charles Darwin and Thomás de Berlanga, one block from the Pelikan Bay fishing pier.
  • The Hotel has 31 rooms: single sea view, exterior view, interior view, matrimonial, double, triple, and quadruple rooms.
  • Its services include personalized attention, reception (5:45 am to 10:00 pm) including security guards during the night, cable TV, wifi internet, hot water, cold water, purified water dispensers on each floor, in-room telephone, swimming pool, jacuzzi, restaurant open to the public, gardens, and terraces.
  • We have two types of breakfasts: Buffet Type and Served Breakfast. This is included in the price per room.
  • Solymar restaurant is open to the public and guests, offering à la carte dishes, Happy Hour service in cocktails, and more.


The History of Hotel Solymar was born from an unexpected trip by Mr. Jimmy Pérez. In 1954, he arrived in the Galapagos Islands after accepting a trip in a fishing boat from a great friend of his.

As the days passed, during his stay on the islands, Don Jimmy proceeded to buy a piece of land facing the sea to help with lodging for his closest friends.

Time passed and Don Jimmy began to make himself known in the hotel environment, as he began to have guests from other countries and with such a beautiful view, people fell in love with the place, being able to have a close look at the flora and fauna of the island.

Over time, he met Mrs. Shirley Castro, who would become the wife and mother of his two children, Renato and Julián Pérez (current owners of the hotel), who were his greatest impulse to continue with this endeavor.

In 2006, the hotel was rebuilt to provide a high-class environment with all its amenities overlooking the ocean, and after five years, Torre Isla Sol was born, encompassing 14 spacious rooms. 

Hotel Solymar Galapagos is everything you need!

A sunrise overlooking the sea.